Marine Corps Marathon - Arlington, VA and Washington, DC - October 31, 2004 - Antique Eltees
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It was a beautiful sunny day in Washington, hot for the end of October (near 80 degrees).  The OC2-70 team was Jim Cornwell, John Gidmark, Ron Linn and C.J. Spence, with track photographer/statistician/coach Bill Music, Jeanne and Ryan Linn for moral and physical support.  Catering provided by Helenmarie & Dan Shipp.

Here's CJ's chronicle:

Big Smiles and New Experiences

Coach Music’s first resposibility was getting his sagebrush, high mesa runner from Reagan National (the locals call National) to the hotel; his Northwest runner was checked in, and kicking back enjoying the good life after a week of elk cross-training in the high country of Idaho; the New York runner was experiencing horrendous traffic, and his ETA would be moved back to mid-night; the poet, songwriter, singer from 10,000 Lakes was leg weary from checking out Gettysburg, and would be arriving later in the evening by train.  Coaching elite, 12 minute mile runners is never easy! Our man on the ground, Dan Shipp, man of many talents would remain calm, adaptable, and flexible or if need be, agile, mobile and hostile, ready to meet any and all challenges! 

The 29th MCM weekend consisted of “Big Smiles and New Experiences”. Highlights were numerous: Very long MCM packet pick-up lines; you thought you were at the most famous ride at Disneyland, except for the many Marines answering any and all questions, with Sir! Yes Sir! No Sir! Maybe Sir! We’ll find out Sir! Shipp’s Shuttle Service recommended a couple of great restaurants both located on Timber Branch Pkwy; Friday night eclectic Vietnamese; Saturday afternoon old fashion Italian. Shipp’s Tour Service dropped us Saturday morning at the WW11 Memorial; this was special after the D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Our afternoon pasta feed (load) at a quaint old fashion Italian Restaurant; later getting the inside scoop on DKS, the owner of Shipp’s Shuttle and Tour Service, from Mr. & Mrs. Shipp. Developing a SOP late Saturday night getting us from the hotel to the starting corrals, but no SOP from the finish line back to the hotel! Losing contact with 50% of our team before crossing the starting line; one looking for water, the other looking for a drop bag container; somehow reconnecting among the masses before mile 7; drawing on old OC2-70 memories for some airborne cadence helping us enjoy the inclines; watching our 10,000 Lakes surge ahead at mile 10 and 12; once again losing contact with each other after mile 13.1 water stop; watching elk hunter surge by mesa runner at mile 24; finishing without any airborne cadence up a very get your attention incline only to lose each other in the masses; the 10,000 MCM runners who finished before us; reconnecting in Coach Music’s room and enjoying MCM war stories; drinking ice cold beer provided by David Thomas (Ron’s College friend and ex- Marine) who worked aid station mile 22; buttttttt David and Ryan passed out all the cookies before the pace-sitting antiquelt’s got there! Goodbyes to our support crew from New York; Ron, you have a beautiful family. Eating greasy hamburgers, without green chile; washing them down with Foggy Bottom Beer. Coach Music cutting his, elite 12 minute mile, 29th MCM running team some slack, so we could attend a night time gig at Shipp’s Coffee House; headlining were the OC2-70 Hallelujah Singers, featuring new music by John Gidmark, accompanied by the talented mandolin player, Dan Shipp and his fine foxhound, Bella! Music, not Coach Music, flowed through the neighborhood, as did the single malt scotch, sipping whiskey, and the smell of good cigars, which resulted in a few friends and Halloween Goblins to drop in.

None of the 29th MCM, 22,000 runners, had better coaches or support staff!

A Special Thanks to Dan and Helenmarie for being “Super Host”!!


Thanks to Bill Music for sending his photos.  Click the thumbnail image to get the big picture.

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The "People's Marathon"

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The team at the WW2 Memorial:
Spence, Music, Cornwell,
Linn, Gidmark

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At the Memorial: Music, Shipp, Spence, Gidmark

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First night

019.jpg (82107 bytes)

Training table:
Carbo loading with the Shipps

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Curious commuters:
Metro in the morning

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And they're off!

013.jpg (89486 bytes)

CJ in the pack

010.jpg (83817 bytes)

Find Gidmark

007.jpg (84486 bytes)

Hi, Ron

linn24.jpg (107536 bytes)

Linn in the home stretch

gidmark24.jpg (111803 bytes)

Why am I doing this?


012.jpg (62861 bytes)

Finish line

005.jpg (50333 bytes)

We did it

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Toast to success

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Good friends,
good Scotch